Sunday, April 29, 2012

not-so-Little Brother

I just have to continue with this birthday-post spree, don't I? :D What can i say, we have so many April babies in the family (and friends too), of which I had outlined in detail in this ancient post.

Today is my brother, Muhammad's birthday. I think I have never dedicated a post to him either, except maybe the one about his capture by the Egyptian government. So, happy birthday Momad- may Allah bless you with the best from this world and the next! And I pray you'll come back one day as a successful cardiothoracic surgeon (or has the ambition changed?) and we can proceed with the plan to take over the nation. haha.

I've always liked this photo of you and Luqman. :)


Momad said...

Assalamu'alaikum, kakpi. Thanks very much for this entry. Haven't followed your blog for a while now. As for our plan, shhhh. It's a secret! I'll let you know on our next move.

ifos said...

waalaikumussalam w. b. t. momad. :)))