Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April babies

This week's bound to be a frantic madhouse of many sorts, and it's already started. Lots of tests. And deadlines to be met. And birthdays. April is a month of birthdays, according to my dictionary. Let's run a screen check together: 4th- a friend, 6th- an aunt, 8th- two friends, 9th- an aunt, 11th- a friend, 12th- two friends and a cousin, 13th- three friends, 14th- two friends and twin cousins, 17th- a friend, 19th- Hiyoshi, 20th- my grandfather, 23rd- dad's cousin aka twins' mum, 24th- roomie, 28th- an aunt, 29th- my brother, 30th- uncle Boogey. And not to mention mine. Haha.

But most important of all, is today- my father's birthday ;) Happy 46th birthday, Abah! May you grow younger by the day and may all the blessings in the world be yours. I love you very much. =)

In the light of past event of a few days, I would like to say that I'm a blind person who badly needs glasses (ever since 12, duh!). So when I sort of ignored you or zoomed past you without so much of a hi, chances are I didn't see you. Really. That, and my bewildering congenital defect of not noticing people on the street, period. Orang melayu kate, jalan menonong. Hehe. I had been dubbed as a snob too, for the record. Oh well.

And I learned a good lesson on people- their penchant for anything juicy to perhaps stir the boring med-student life up, and tendency to assume and conclude things without listening to both sides of the story. In these times, it is best to remain true to yourselves, distinguish your true friends and cling tight to them, and, if you are left out there all alone, remember, Allah will never let you down.

ps: Anyone wants to declare themselves as an April baby, you're welcome =)


ikelah said...

thanks. i m not working today, on leave. just gotta take a rest. you missed mrs red's(mrs spider) birthday, 9th april.

ok... tak care.... study had...mengaji... banyak berdoa. salam to kak sarah.

hiyoshi said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday! Yours is on the 13th right?

Here's an early wish - just in case I can't go online on that day :P

afie911 said...

Ok dear I'm gonna be frank. I don't do birthdays. My meaning is that I don't remember birth dates. It's not that I love "my poeple" any less right? I just have this problem remembering dates (which proves the fact that I suck at history). So your birthday is on the 13th of April (thanks hiyoshi!)? Hehhe. Happy birthday! I'm the second person to wish you then. ;)

I think you know mine. You're good with dates. :D

dith said...

No wonder the discrepancy in abah's and my age-look! You've been praying for him to grow younger, that's why! How could you!

Mama Sarah said...

happy birthday abah ifos!

acu said...

your auntie mas' was on the 9th. ah rat, i just remember that today.

ifos said...

Hiyoshi n Afie, thanks for the wish! ;)

Mak- would I sound so lame if I say that I didn't wish you that cos you don't need it? Hehe.

Acu- please tell us all that you are joking... kan.. kan..

pycnogenol said...

Happy Birthday Abah Sofi. 46 memang masih muda, kalau tambah 4 tahun lagi, semakin remaja. ;)

As for you Mak Sofi - Awok pun, semakin remaja jugak.

(Komen diatas datang nya dari salah seorang ahli kumpulan remaja. Yang semakin tua, anak-anak kita aje...)

flutterby said...

Lol pycno! ;p

Happy belated birthday Uncle Azmi!

And happy birthday to you ifos! 104 tak buat party kah? ;p

ifos said...

Pycnogenol- too right, too right... ;p

Flutterby- Thankee! 104 dalam perancangan... bagaimana pula dgn MCAT?? Hehehe.