Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Walking Companion

I’ve never written an entire post about this person who holds a special place in my heart (I thought I might have over the years, but after a quick browse, nope, I in fact have not). So, seeing that today is her birthday and that I have been going on a birthday-post run once again for the past two posts- what better time, eh? :D

Happy birthday to my roommate of six years, Fatin- the one who had to put up with everything I brought to the table- good or bad- since we lived together; the one who would cook for me when I got home late, became ill, or was simply not up for it; the one who reluctantly (at least in the beginning ;p) became my sports-enthusiast buddy- watching all those matches on TV whilst also having to listen to my personal commentaries; the one who taught me just how diverse we are even amongst our own people (there are so many things done differently in Penang compared to Pahang in so many ways!); the one who supported me in every single thing I did, and still does.

She was also my faithful walking companion, so here’s a short video of pictures collected along the years (it’s very incomplete though, as I couldn’t find many pictures I searched for and was pressed for time and have zero skills in video-making), dedicated to the one place we’ve covered miles over on foot, the place we have come to call home- наш город Волгоград. :)


Anonymous said...

salam..thank you sofi \(^_^)/,it was a pleasure walking with chewy ice lolli.miss that.=D

p/s 2:14-->query.NOT so volgo.aha!

ifos said...

waalaikumussalam w. b. t. :) oh yes, that heavenly chewy little thing! where do we get one of those in malaysia eh? 0_o

re: 2:14- haha, yes I know. I was collecting pics from everywhere actually, terselit plak inside the vid. But it's ok- it's a reminder of our future reunion in sochi inshaallah! :D