Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Goodbye Note

"... And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]."

-Ali Imran: 159

The above verse rang through my ears on my way back from work last Friday. By some reasons, I have chosen medicine as my first posting- arguably the busiest department in the hospital. After taking some time to let the fact sink in, I feel that I've made the best decision (or at least a good decision)- I hope to learn as much as I can for the next four months and come out a better person. To quote a couple of speakers at the induction course, "We don't expect you to become superheroes. We just want you to become safe and competent doctors". Also, "Welcome to the ministry of health, not ministry of hell!" haha. I'll try my best, inshaallah... let's all try our very best in whatever we do, and leave the outcome to Allah, the best of planners.

Goodbye Facebook.
Goodbye Euro 2012.
Goodbye Eid holidays. 

(I'm not complaining, I'm quite excited actually. ;D But sesiapa yang berkenaan, tolong la bagi match updates at least. hehe)

ps: Welcome to the latest additon to Pelindung Pantai safari- Lettew and Vam-Vam! :D




Ikelah said...

Every person is responsible for their action, be good or bad and will be delt accordingly. Intention seperates between ibadah and ordinary deed that will be rewarded differently. Tawakkal is the total submission to The Creator for the outcome after exhausting all the capable means and resources available. May Allah be with you opening a good,
manageable and easy path in your life.

Dr. H said...

Sofi, houseman kat hospital mana?

ifos said...

abah- thank you. May Allah ease the way for you too. :)

Dr. H- hospital tengku ampuan afzan, kuantan. :)