Saturday, May 26, 2012


Many, many years ago, I read about Prince William taking a gap year before commencing his university education and thought, cool, I want one, too! Thinking about it now, I did get my gap year after all, and although I didn't get to go across the world in some soul-searching quests, I did what my heart had longed for more than anything, and received much, much more than what I had bargained for.

Yesterday I paid my last 'official' visit as an unofficial student of the maahad tahfiz which had become my home for six months (from October to March). Without a doubt, I will miss the serene atmosphere of the musalla, the peals of laughter and lively buzz surrounding the girls' hostel, the zam-zam water (whilst it lasted) at the cafeteria, the beautiful sound of hundreds of people reciting different verses of the Quran at the same time resembling that of the bumblebees, and the radiant smiles greeting me along the corridors each day, every step of my way.

I will miss the short nostalgic aura of a school life revisited... the sound and smell of the field grass being cut, the periodic ringing of bells, the naivety and innocence of a schoolgirl, with questions like, "Is Russia located near Mexico?" (!), "At what age do you plan to get married?" (!!), and "Studied in Russia? But you ARE Malay, aren't you?" (!!!). I will miss them all. :)

I will also miss writing in this once-almost-dead blog. I hope to be able to 'steal' a post in from time to time, but even as optimistic a person as I am, I know it'll be quite a feat if I manage to keep this site updated once I start working. Hmm. I think I'll reward myself with a cheese cake for every post in the future (ehh?!). Haha.

This Monday, my task as a house officer officially begins, although I'll be going through five days of an induction course first (the kind of program where I wish I could own an invisibility cloak throughout) before getting on with my clinical duties. I pray for Allah to ease my path and make me strong, rain or shine. Let everything coming my way be a learning experience towards getting closer to You, Ya Rahman.

Nostalgia: Dinding seorang pelajar, 2010.


momad said...

Kakpi. Good luck! kalau awak nak menangis, remember me saying this. jangan nangis for something sia-sia. okidoks. from now on, awak dah bole belanja momad pulak.

Sofi said...

Thank you momad. Belanja? ;) inshaallah... Lepas bayar hutang keliling pinggang. Hihi. All the best to you too.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your future undertakings. Indeed I like your motto "striving hard". Really it motivates other readers too.

Jamil said...

Welcome! Welcome! We've been expecting you :)

An invisibility cloak would be useful while you're on duty, but the nurses in the ward would still be able to call you up boohoo

Sofi said...

Anonymous- thank you! All the best to you too. :)

Jamil- thank you! don't worry, I'll put all nurses under the imperius curse (or maybe the confundus charm will suffice). ;D