Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Sister

Happy birthday to my sister Sarah, the one who:

1) would always cook for me during her student days (and is an amazing cook even with the most basic ingredients).
2) has been my longest ever roommate (and is currently complaining that I've turned our room into a kitchen).
3) knows me inside out (and routinely uses it against me. -.-).
4) often irks me (and I her) but I love her to bits! Hi hi. May Allah bless and guide you always, kak.

Cheese coconut sandwich pancake with cinnamon and lots of love! :D


dith said...

Hey how comei dont get to eat that sandwich?

ifos said...

ni utk kak sarah je... hehe. but there were pancakes on the table with the cheese dipping sauce at dinner, didn't you notice? ;D