Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Wedding Wish

One of my dearest friends, Erfa, is getting married this Saturday, and I, being the busy bee, won't be able to attend (if only Teluk Intan were ten minutes away...) :(

There are but a few people in this whole wide world whom you just 'click' with upon first meeting(s), and for me, she is one of them. We share a lot in common, and she is like the most easygoing person I know- the kind of person who will take your troubles away simply by being around them.

We have steadily kept in touch over the years, most recently when she suddenly had to come and spend a night in Kuantan for work and I happened to be home alone that very day because my parents and brother went for umrah and my sister was on call at the hospital. It was truly a blessing from Allah, as I was quite worried about spending the night on my own. That was when she broke the news of her wedding, which had been decided just a few days prior, and was going to be held in just a little over two months.

I have so many things I love about this beautiful friend of mine, but I'm compelled to highlight on her wedding ideas here, particularly because it has become such a distressing issue in our present-day society. I love her determination in going against the wedding-of-the-year craze by choosing the simplest options in every way possible, amidst strong resistance from her own mother. ;D From choosing her own, simple wedding dress (nice but not the kind that you'll subsequently hang in your wardrobe forever 'cos it's too fancy- and expensive- for words) to limiting the number of hantarans to making invitation postcards (my favourite- very original, economical and eco-friendly!), she just WOW-ed me. May Allah bless your efforts and make your marriage full of barakah. :)

Many people today spend close to a fortune for their weddings which is just, mildly put, unnecessary. You want to start your married life with an abundance of blessings, but how can you have that when you've ruined your wedding day with overdone extravagance and display? It really is disturbing when I see, read, and hear about how obsessed many people are with having the perfect wedding for themselves. It's a testimony to the magnetic lure the material world has got on us present-day Muslims. Some are plagued by worries of their relatives' and friends' impressions and expectations, which indeed can be ruthless. It is hard to change old-age mentalities, but we are an awfully blessed lot of people- we have the Quran and Sunnah to abide by, and if we hold on tight to them, the rest- all the worldly burdens and worries- will be lifted from our chests, inshaallah.

"Marry those among you who are single, or the virtuous ones among yourselves, male or female: if they are in poverty, Allah will give them means out of His grace: for Allah encompasseth all, and he knoweth all things."

An-Nur: 32

To Erfa- Barakallahulak, wabaraka alaik, wajama'a bainakuma fikhair!

Fantastic Four: me, Nabihah, Mutheerah and Erfa, the last time we met in March. 
Another exemplary wedding with lots of happiness and good food!


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