Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Excited state

I experienced an epiphany as I emerged from the cocoon of exam-infested world (read: piles of notes strewn all over your bed and table and floor and between pillow sheets)- human beings are made of tougher substance than I used to give 'em credit to. In ways more than one, the equivocal technicalities of examination system (of any kind) did not afflict the gall out of me anymore, as I worked the hell out of my brain for something that I actually rather enjoy (for the most part), much to my surprise. No, I'm not becoming a nerd. But as a well-versed procrastinator specialising in the so-called department of last-minute cramming, exams were always the ultimate target, and, being in an exam-oriented Malaysia, the feelings were primarily mutual. Being here taught me something about learning for the sake of learning, with exams merely serving as the realisor of some kind of a start reflex towards hard work and perseverance (not that I'm one to talk. haha).

That being said, Alhamdulillah I sailed through the grits and in about 10 hours' time, I'll be boarding a plane towards my highly-anticipated holiday. The four of us are going to Istanbul (and other parts of Turkey too) on a 10-day trip, and I'd really like to talk more about it, but typing this at 2.30 in the morning when I should be in bed catching up on my beauty sleep prevents me from doing so. And I just finished watching The Lake House (finally) whilst folding my long-neglected bundles of clothes and haven't even started on my packing, so I have no idea why I'm here writing this instead. Part of post-exam syndrome kut. My knees are throbbing nastily from today, and I can't even begin to describe today (technically yesterday morning), what with the final paper and these episodes of stomach distress I have been suffering from the last few days, plus the tedious process of retrieving my visa (those people can really make you WAIT!)... ok, I'm horribly complaining now. One cute incident though- the ex-dean (I'm not sure of his current position in the dean office) who had to sign our permission letters surveyed through my letter, and upon seeing my destination, asked me, "Which city was Constantinople?", and was positively delighted when I knew the answer. Hehe. Then we had a long discussion on the rise and fall of the Byzantine empire. Ok, I'm kidding on that part. Ngeh.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Exam blues reloaded

"I'm having a mid-life crisis."

"But you're only 20!"

"Who knows how long I will live my life? If, for example, my life-span is 40 years, then I should be having my mid-life crisis at about now, shouldn't I?"

Pointless conversations when the weight of the exam drawing nigh seems too much to bear. Frodo, lend us some pointers!


Missing home.