Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thoughts on a rainy day

1. The monsoon has been in full gallop for the past few days- my father has even decided to stay overnight at his workplace in Kerteh today due to bad conditions on the road. I hope everything will be smooth for my trip to KL this weekend (I'm attending a wedding of a friend! Finally!).

2. My mother has found an effective tool to keep tabs on (some of) her children for quite a while now. Yup, you guessed it. There were a couple of times when she would call me from work and said, "Ask your brother what he meant by his status just now on Facebook?" or that she couldn't access the wall of another sibling, was she the only one being barred? Sometimes things are discovered even quicker through Facebook than a normal daily conversation, which just tickles me!

Example collected this morning on the way to breakfast:

Mum: Maman pedih hidung ye guna nasal spray tu?
brother: Uh?
Mum: tu yang Maman tulis tu (kat Facebook)...

3. I'm currently reading two of Sheikh Imran Hosein's works. I attended his lecture last week and what a wonderful privilege it was. I do have a number of questions and disagreements over some of his views, but all in all he is doing brilliantly on the formidable task of opening the eyes of the majority of the ummah on the reality of the world today. There are many scholars out there who seem reluctant, for whatever reasons, to zoom in on the topic of the calamities at the end of times, which is the time we are living in now- everybody should realise just how dire the state we're in at present, how dangerous the fitnah that has befallen our ummah, for us to truly wake up and stave off the evils that are devouring our people inside out.

May Allah place you and me amongst the rightful and guided ones.