Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Abah!

As I'm sitting here for what seems like forever, pinching my brain to come up with something to begin this otherwise ultrashort, 3-word post, I begin to wonder of the fate of this blog. In every manner of expression, I have stopped writing and I don't really feel the urge to do so for a good while now. And as I'm about to finish my university education (aargh it hurts terribly saying that) in about 2 months, I suspect this blog will be effectively dilapidated (if it isn't already) and forgotten (a friend told me she has given up waiting for my next entry, hehe) for I'll be busy (or try to) studying for my finals. Will I resume to write again after I've started working, perhaps?


Actually, the most real excuse I can give for not going to write anymore- at least for the time being- is that my laptop has gone through a rough patch and I can only fix it when I get back home (cos they charge, like, four times more here. tsk). Hence this late post to wish my dearest father a happy 50th birthday.....! May Allah be pleased with you always, and shower you with love, blessings, guidance and mercy, and unite us in jannah. I love you very much. ^_^