Sunday, October 17, 2010


I wouldn't miss my annual birthday wish to you, Azleen, no matter how late this might be (actually according to our time zone, it's not late yet). Hehe.

Happy birthday...

may Allah give you the sweetness of iman, the light of wisdom, and the beauty of akhlaq. ^_^

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride

My final year as a medical student commenced in quite an uncharacteristic fashion- new russian teachers and too many free hours. The latter is expected to come to an end this week, and, as incredulous as this may sound, I kind of look forward to it. The Russian-teacher experience, meanwhile, has come full circle- our 1st year teacher, who gave us up when she was afflicted with illness four years ago, is making a comeback. Things don't seem so promising when some of us apparently still have nightmares from yesteryear, but I remain optimistic. ;)


Let's fast-forward to three weeks later. I've become so good at procrastinating, I should get a medal. Anyway, the breaking news of this week is that we're approaching the coldest winter here in 1000 years- tell me if that doesn't sound amazing. Hehe. It's only the beginning of the second month of autumn and we're already talking 3-5 degrees in the morning, 8-10 degrees in the afternoon. Our room has slowly begun to resemble the fridge in the kitchen and if the trend continues, by the end of this month, I predict, we'll reach freezer standard (I'm only half-joking here). There's an urban myth which has been circulating in town since the day I set foot here, saying that if the temperature ever reaches -40 degrees or so, we can all pack our bags and go home. It'd be interesting to put it to test and if this so-called coldest-winter claim is bona fide, I might just spend my winter hols. this year at home! ^_^

I just withstood a metaphorical roller coaster ride for the past couple of weeks, reaching the highest of the high, the lowest of the low, without completely understanding the reason of it all. I later did understand, and thank God for that, for now I feel the strength and conviction to keep one step ahead of my own self. Pardon the obscurity of my words, nobody but few will understand the emotional chaos I've just been through; I suddenly feel the need to write it down now, at 12.22 in the morning, when the night is still and the heart is tender. I came to feel the most priceless feeling from what I've gone through lately- that even if the people you count on most let you down, even if the whole world is against you (yes, try to imagine that), you will always have Allah. He will never leave you. I truly felt that during one of the many not-so-great moments of late, and it was the most comforting feeling I've had. It lifted the pressure off your chest, made you realise your own shortcomings, and most importantly, it made you forgive the people around you, because everything that had happened suddenly seemed so trivial. I hope He will not take this away from me and let it be my thin gossamer thread towards getting closer to Him. Inshaallah.

Good day, everyone. :)