Saturday, July 03, 2010

Post-exam relief syndrome

Life is like a Rubik's cube, with 519 quintillion possible arrangements of the pieces, each discrete and unique from the other. The past few weeks for me, at least, have demonstrated just that- news and events, good and bad, have contrastingly teemed this head to the brim, and left me marveling at the sublimity of God's decree for every one of His creations.

Most of the things happened felt too personal to write about, and it's funny that after filtering my thoughts, the things left to be said suddenly seem so shallow and trivial. Like the World Cup. People know I love football, and people know I'm quite, er, expressive by nature, but make no mistake, I won't lose sleep over Brazil's loss in the quarters. Nor Roger Federer's exit in Wimbledon for that matter (tibe2). Hehe. I'm into it, yes, but I can be out of it in (almost) no time too.

That said, vamos Argentina and Rafa!

Alhamdulillah Allah has eased my way through my finals (which included a week of sleeping on the floor. Don't ask.), and now that it's over, I should be flying home as I usually would, right? Wrong. We're bullied into doing this 3-week practical thing in emergency care, and as positive as I have been about this program ever since its conception, this badgering shadow of doubt keeps creeping back in. I hope to be proven wrong, and be an enlightened person by the end of it. *sniffs*

It's a comforting thought, having another year of medical slogging before getting that giant responsibility of a doctor thrusted upon your shoulders. All things considered, no, I do not envy my recently-graduated seniors, for I feel so inadequate in my position right now to be coveting any title but that of a student. I love being a student, and I don't have to experience the brunt of heavy work for a while to realise that. ;p Stormy seas await me next year, so let me work on my sails and bearings for now...