Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bon anniversaire!

To a beautiful person who turns 21 today. We haven’t met in two years, yet she is still the person I wish to share all my happy and sad stories with. It is still a wish, but I think we’re past all that nitpicking- no matter what happens, we will always have each other’s back to cling to. Be happy, and may Allah place us under His guidance always.

After yet another search for old pics and two CDs later, I found these, taken when we last went to eat sushi, which I believe was in 2005. That's ancient, kiddo.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Eid moments

I promised my parents some photos so here they are. I've been having a persistent sore throat for the past two days which can't be assuaged by almost a pack of Strepsils; the catalyst must have been all the rendang and laksa and soto up till last night. My bad. So today begins my 'detox' campaign- healthy food all the way... ;p

SUNRISE, 1st day of Eid

CLASS AND LECTURE, 1st day of Eid

with our Ophthalmology lecturer

with fellow 4th year students before lecture on Obstetrics

OPEN HOUSE, 3rd day of Eid

kuih raya

kuah kacang, a hit with everyone every year (which, unfortunately, I've never fancied)

Fatin and Naj digging out Farah's yummy laksa

Most of 4th year Muslim students with some of our non-Muslim friends

4th year girls

SUNRISE, 6th day of Eid

OPEN HOUSE, 6th day of Eid

Soto and Laksa at Anis's and Baya's house

Hosts and guests posing together