Tuesday, July 22, 2008

of knights and vassals

Entering the third week of my holiday and I can conclude that I've done good in the eating department, at least. Still working on other more productive activities as planned, but goodness, idyllic times can be deceptive. In other words, whilst I should be writing some serious stuff about my travels, I'm being lured into building an army in this Knighthood game in Facebook by my dad. He has become some sort of a fan whilst I just only realised (or remembered, I can't remember) that I actually have an account, and about a hundred of unanswered gifts/invitations. He's now instructing me to expand my marketplace and recruit more vassals. I currently have about, uh, 6, so my friends out there, beware- I'm going to add all of you as my friends (and vassals) in Facebook! hahaha... dah lame tak buat bende2 mcm ni.

I did manage to read a couple of good books, climb manggis trees at my grandfather's orchard, buy stuff off my grocery list to bring back to the land of the bears, play with the cats (my allergy's getting worse though), and a full swing of other ordinary activities that define a wonderful holiday. But I still want to do some extraordinary things (in my book at least) this time around, so don't write me off just yet.

And I've got myself a new camera at long last... though I must decline the invitation to join the macro war by my uncles- haven't finished reading the manual yet, plus am still undergoing basic lessons from my brother on several techniques. Hehe. Another year, perhaps? ;p

Loving my moment!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sweet nothings

It’s the same air we breathe, yet it feels different. Yes, it’s more humid, but that’s totally beside the point. I’m talking about this refreshing wave of familiarity rekindled; this friendly hot air pumping your sweat glands to work at full force- not quite unlike summer on the other side, but that minus the friendliness of course. Ask me not to elaborate on the friendliness- when you’ve lived three years in a land not exactly hailed for its hospitality, even the air becomes foreign.

So the long-anticipated summer holidays have finally arrived for everyone. I came home with quite an ambition this time- made a whole list of ambitious stuff to be accomplished. Like, for instance, finishing brutally unfinished chapters of growing travelogues. Perfecting my French- I mean, Russian. Or both, perhaps. Finding a lifelong cure for acne. The list goes on. Frankly, I think I have a better chance at winning Wimbledon than completing the list. Speaking of which, by the way, Federer lost to Nadal in a brilliant five-setter that got me glued to the screen till way past 4 in the wee hours of morning, no thanks to London rain which had the match suspended twice (thank God they’ll be putting the roof from next year onwards). I still think Federer’s winners (and not to mention aces) in his comeback after down two to love were pure genius, but kudos to Nadal for such dogged perseverance and vigour. It sure makes me wanna pick my racket up again… if only I had someone to play with. Tsk. (Erfa...!!!)

Writing has to take a backseat for a while now as I have tons to catch up on my reading. Except, of course, writing my travelogues. Yes, yes. Anyone interested, stay tuned… ;p