Monday, June 25, 2007

Exam Schmexam

"It’s just a state of mind."

That’s my roomie’s catchy phrase to nix my never-ending melodramatic pool of thoughts. With final paper three days away, trip to Hong Kong seven days away, and touching foot on home soil eleven days away, can anyone possibly blame my spazzed-out sapience? I really am away with the mixer lately, my head spouting stuff of bubblegum pop songs and blah poetry, whilst leaving tiny room for some medical knowledge in between.

Ah. The exam. Gotta split. Praying for a good outcome this Thursday, in all fairness. Deo volente.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The sun sets at nine

The exam epidemic's broken out in this part of the world, and people suffer from miscellanous symptoms that don't quite match up. Try this for an example. Yours truly, in between devouring strawberries+cream and daydreaming about the homecoming trip, is not doing too good. Nevertheless, trying hard to be optimistic. haa.

I’m pacing; small steps. I’m running, I’m raring to go. I stumble; I fall. I pause, reflecting. I rise. I’m catching up. I’m anxious, common sense quashed. I’m dashing to the end; I can see the light. I may not win. But I will be there. At the finish line.

About to break down, more like. Haha. This is where I stop, to leave room for some serious reflecting. And studying.

Oh yeah, besides mangoes being exotic and costing a small fortune, it really threw everything into perspective after hearing my roomie’s story regarding her therapy practical teacher, a gastroenterologist. The class were talking about weird stuff that people in different places ate, coming across examples like snakes, rats, etc. Then the teacher spoke about a television program he saw, showcasing a weird ‘cuisine’ people made. What did these people do, you ask? They fried bananas.

It took a while to have me stop laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

At the twilight

At the twilight, a moon appeared in the sky;
Then it landed on earth to look at me.

Like a hawk stealing a bird at the time of prey;
That moon stole me and rushed back into the sky.

I looked at myself, I did not see me anymore;
For in that moon, my body turned as fine as soul.

The nine spheres disappeared in that moon;
The ship of my existence drowned in that sea.


Summer has arrived, surprisingly (in a pleasant way) manifested by blustering wind and cloudy atmosphere. They said it will last for a week. And as I sit here with my half-filled cup of green tea, savouring my break time (as articulated in Ops Sikap, appendix A) which has unintentionally been extended, this feeling of familiarity says hello. It's that time of year again. Every season possesses its unique peculiarities that makes its presence memorable. They may be found in the form of a song. A scenery. A favourite activity. Listening to a particular song may keenly remind you of autumn last year; listening to the train choo-chooing in the stillness of the night may bring to mind the novel feeling of just arriving here two years back. This time it's the wheezing racket of the fan's blades against the air, which is so reminiscent of summer and, inevitably, final exams. My heart flutters at the words, yet I still go about in guilty complacency. And now, I'm about to membebel pointlessly.

Life's pretty normal these days. Subuh at 2.30am, Isya' at 11.15pm. Frankly, I prefer winter's solat time. Strawberries are cheap, mangoes have been upped to about RM40 sebijik (should have taken a pic of 'em at the market), Russia and the U.S. are on the verge of another cold war, BM will be reverted to Bahasa Malaysia again (the government sure have lots of redundant topics to stress on), three more classes to go before study leave. Peachy.

ps: Happy 6th birthday to my cousin Imran (5th June)!

Rindu cycling