Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow's coming to town

Someone was late to lecture this morning because the electric juice dried in Hiroshima and, upon stepping on the maiden snow blanket in front of the hostel, she could not resist snapping several pictures. Selamat tak kena halau keluar lecture hall… hehe.

7 November aka 3 weeks ago

22 November aka 1 week ago

28 November aka this morning

We discovered a new route from the bus stop to hostel via Bakinskaya on Saturday. This is so old news for many, but do allow me to amuse myself for a bit. The two of us were a couple of cheats actually- we stalked a senior taking that particular route, hence the (not) grand unearthing. The fun bit was when we had to walk across a railway track, which brought to mind some comic scenes from a much-loved hobby (read: television) of yesteryears. Say, the Looney Toons, where the baddies would strap a damsel on a track with the train coming at breakneck speed, or a gung-ho fight scene on the roof of a carriage in Bollywood flicks. Alright I’m spouting gibberish. In short, we’re including the route in the chronicle of our great traveling (mis)adventures in Russia. *chuckles*

Speaking of which, I’m suddenly reminded of Anastasia. As in the Disney movie, which I loved very much, watching it years and years ago. Her romantic journey across the continent inspired my long-standing dream of backpacking around Europe. Paris on train this winter, anyone? =D

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Immunology lecture.

The weight of today trampled on my preceding thoughts of what to cook for dinner. The missing bank card, that is. After a stickler process raiding my haversack, turning the bed upside down, whining, jogging round the neighbourhood of poor memory, asking around, brooding, and self-loathing, the only conclusion I could offer was that I left the card at the ATM machine. Which was a preposterously preposterous idea to accept. Already, the sun isn't looking too bright at me, as I anticipate the looming process of reporting, requesting, more whining, phone-calling et al. Your emotion is one tricky rollercoaster ride; yesterday I was gleefully delighting in the non-occasion cake we bought, today I'm a deadwood.

Room, drinking hot chocolate.

Everyone has their own peculiar little acivities to comfort themselves with. My roomie (and ex-roomie)- in a way bizarre to my befuddled mind but not many others', apparently- tidies up the room, with a capital T in bold. I got back one day to find my whole place spick-and-span- the bundle of dried clothes still in their hangers that morning all folded neatly, bed gorgeously gussied up, and my books arranged in order on the table. The 'excuse' given was that she didn't have anything to do. Furthermore, said she, if she was in an angry mood she would do it faster. Most amazing. Someone I know cleans the toilet, which is even more bizarre than cleaning the bedroom. According to the person, scrubbing on the floor, sink, etc. lends her some tang of satisfaction. O-K.

A lot other less-extraordinary people gorge on food, or listen to music; talk to others, and pray, in search for that inner tranquility. I am a lot of the abovementioned things, but the one activity that I found recently to be excellently therapeutic is walking. The cadency of your two feet clapping against the ground is funnily reassuring. And with walking come other little parcels of activities with calming effect on your anxious self- contemplation; talking (if you have walking company); luxuriating in the spectacle of the mahogany leaves showily dancing with the wind, or the evening's ebb budding with brilliant manifestation of colours- all singing His praises; praying for solution to the mysteries of your life (or the missing bank card). All these can be done as you stride past the fancy designer boutiques, brush past tall, gangling Russians, or hike up the hill of muddy earth staining your white shoes black.

So today, as any other day since November arrived, I walked towards my peace- muddy shoes and all. And we had fish for dinner.

"So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief."- Al-Inshirah: 5

Sunset at the train station

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Students' Day!

This student is not happy though. Is it just my luck or am I really that careless? Cos I lost my bank card today =(

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Festive fever endures...

It snowed this morning! The first time (if I wasn't too busy snuggling under the covers to notice) was on Sunday though- the day we had our huge eid celebration for all Malaysians currently dwelling in Volgograd. It was neatly sandwiched between our little 3-day holiday to mark the Day of People's Unity/National Unity in Russia, so we had quite the time and space to set things in order for the grand(-ish) occasion. Since we were not lucky enough to have our own Malaysian hall, Malaysian officials and all the jazz, everything had to be done by ourselves and that, in itself, proved to be a blessing in disguise. You get to have your truly own celebration, style it the way you want. You get to work with your comrades, foster solidarity and good festive spirit. You learn to make 135 litres of syrup and lychee. Heheh.

The (supposedly) ongoing plan for the photo album is again put on hold, as I spam my own site with another merry batch of pictures. Great food, great people, great atmosphere- what more could you ask? And oh yeah, it snowed. *grin stupidly*

Us, the food servers

Volgan (as denoted by Azleen- it strongly reminds me of the Vogons in the Hitchhikers' series. Trust me, you wouldn't want to be in the company of a Vogon. LOL) bloggers:- Neemo, Zyryx, me.

My roomies and me

Some of the 2nd-year students

Friday, November 03, 2006

Autumn, I love thee

A lazy mid-week post. I wish I could overcome my laziness to set up an online photo album already, the urge to put up more and more pictures on this blog is bordering dangerously on the line of practicality. Alas, it's an (almost) incurable disease, I think I'll live with it another week or two. Hehe.

Autumn walk with Sin Ye

At the park near the academy; very gloomy weather.

Jurukamera2 yang tekun

sehelai daun yang gugur

We had another thought of walking back to hostel from uni, but upon seeing the first few raindrops greeting our jackets, we hopped on the first bus home (er, actually not before we made a *guilty* stop at the market).

Cute Russian guy of the week

He's just too adorable for words *sigh*

ps: The 4th and last pic are courtesy of Sin Ye's camera, the rest of Fatin's. Many thanks!