Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Seven wonders of MY world

So I’ve been tagged. And here are my sevens =)

(note to reader: some of the stuff may not reflect on my personality accurately as I just wrote what I had in mind at the time being. And trust me, I’m as yo-yo-ish as one can get ;p)

7 things that scare me:
- ghosts and supernatural stuff (although I’ve never had any experience regarding the matter)
- the dark (I always sleep with the lights on, and my mum always tells me off about it. Heh)
- thunders and lightning
- my unnatural laziness
- not being a good Muslim, not good enough to earn His blessings
- snakes, lizards… reptiles, basically. AND frogs (euurgh),
- failure and not living up to people’s expectations

7 things I like most:
- reading and writing
- astronomy (childhood ambition: astronaut and later, astrophysicist)
- watching my cats frolicking in the grass (or doing anything else for that matter. Even watching them eat brings me a sense of pleasure)
- taking pictures
- shopping (an excellent therapy, my friends would agree with me ;p)
- Disney movies (for the happy endings- I just adore happy endings in a movie)
- Mother nature

7 important things in my room:
- my Quran mushaf
- munch-ons
- my books
- my handphone
- my memorabilia and soft toys (mostly gifts from dear ones)
- my laptop
- the mirror

7 random facts about me:
- I have been wearing specs on and off since I was 12 and had had like, 7 specs already to date (and still going through adapting phase. Heh).
- I often receive compliments for my handwriting =)
- I’m a pack rat AND sentimental junkie- it would take me hours (even days) to declutter my room, and I would keep everything in the end anyway.
- I have this big thing for cards- would buy them just because they’re beautiful and save them for a rainy day (to give to people lah).
- People often get a false first impression of me and my character (I won’t elaborate, but looks can be deceiving! Lol) and later would rag me about it (often claiming they had been duped. Yeah right!).
- I love computer games but have ditched them a while ago for some unknown reasons (hmm… maybe I should start playing again… hehe my mother would totally kill me for this)
- ‘Bullet Train’ is the title given to me during our class party earlier this year. Go figure =)

7 things I plan to do before I die:
- become a good muslim doctor (this one’s quite popular, so I’ve seen ;p)
- travel around the world with my best friend (we already have a long-standing date. Heh)
- sponsor my parents’ trip around the world (or at least their backpacks. Haha)
- memorise the whole of Quran
- master Arabic language and pick up two or three more foreign tongues (would love French, Mandarin and Japanese)
- do voluntary works (especially in the field of da’wah)
- write a book =)

7 things I can do:
- smile at strangers
- debate about almost any issue
- make small talks
- buy nice gifts for people
- give ideas and solve people’s problems, or at least comfort them about it (somehow people often turn to me for ideas and solutions to their crises)
- procrastinate (master procrastinator herself, I am ;p)
- appreciate nature

7 things I can’t do:
- save and manage my money
- make study notes (really)
- love maths (don’t hate it, just can’t love it)
- avoid trouble (to borrow from Harry Potter, trouble usually finds me)
- watch horror movies
- dance (not graceful enough. hehe)
- be a model sister (I’m forever stuck in the evil-sistersville. Hoho)

7 things I say the most:
- macam (one of my friends’ favourite activities- counting the number of times the word ‘macam’ crops up in my sentences)
- konon
- waaa…
- tipu!
- Ya Allah!
- Tapi kan…
- chop! (usually in repetition)

7 celebrity crushes:
- Jude Law
- Prince Eric in ‘The Little Mermaid’ (ni kire celebrity ke… heheh)
- The guy in ‘Chasing Liberty’ (the British accent!)
- Roger Federer
- John Mayer
- Clay Aiken
- Johnny Depp

ps: Al-fatihah to our late first lady, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood who passed away this morning...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

More pictures

I don't know why, I couldn't seem to upload more pictures in the previous entry. Never mind, here's more of 'em~

A train passing by one late afternoon, as seen from my bedroom window

A view of a building near my hostel on a cloudy morning

Sunrise from my window

Some stylish Russian ladies (and there were loads and loads of them) on the street

Kids eating ice cream at a bus stop *Russian toddlers are the cutest and friendliest creatures on earth!*

Taming two birds with one picture!

A wild flower in front of my hostel

It's a comfort to know that I can be in touch with home via the internet easily here, thank God for that. Other than the less-than-desirable toilets and too-many-stairs-to-climb campus building, I'm not complaining ;) And once again, good day to all!

ps: still haven't discovered how to put songs in this blog. Can anyone teach me? Heh. By the way I've changed the audio clip. It's a great cover version by Clay Aiken, whom I think should have won American Idol 2. =p

From Russia with love

Hehe... cheesy line up there, I know, but who cares... I'm roughly 6900 kilometres away from home, I'm allowed to be as cheesy as I want! =D With all due respect, it was not my intention to abandon my blog for such a long period of time- I myself can't fully explain the silence... let's just assume it was writer's block ;) Though in a way, I can say that I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the things I've been through for the past month that if I were to put them to words, I would have had a major headache deciding on where to begin!

I'm feeling totally rusty and out of sorts right now… nothing that a good cup of tea couldn’t cure, but boiling water isn’t such a hot idea at 4.10 in the morning, not according to my dictionary. Anyway, between the ugly unfamiliarity of an alien soil and heady wind ready to sweep you off your feet at one go, I’m actually doing rather fine here, relatively speaking. I’m starting to love this beautiful place and the bouncy weather (kind of) and everybody has been kind, thus far. The phase of adjustment is all but over for me, but I’m swimming right up there with my flock, so everything is just FINE =)

Really, words are failing me now… I guess I’ll have to exemplify my points next with pictures. Have a good day everyone!

The majestic Mother of Russia statue, situated on a hill

Memorial nearby the statue to commemorate fallen soldiers in the Stalingrad Battle during WW2 (at the centre: The Light of Eternal Flame)*this picture was taken during the changing of guards ceremony*

My roommate and I near the statue one rainy afternoon

Beautiful roses at a garden on the hill