Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy, busy, busy!

My lackluster holiday scene has expired- this week’s been anything but subdued for yours truly. Several hours ago I was sitting on a beige sofa in another hospital room within a fortnight- my brother being the subject of interest this time around. He had undergone an operation to clear his sinus (it's called FESS something? My mother told me. Heh) three days ago and been recuperating inside the cooped-up space of his room until late yesterday. It was nice actually, his room- with a neat piece of wooden cupboard planted next to his bed which I would love to supplant the crippled one I had back in my bedroom (my brother was hospitalised and all I can talk of is his room’s nice little cupboard. What a bad sister I am... Tsk.).

My sister has been an angel (that’s what everybody who hasn’t had the pleasure of having to room with her all their lives says anyway… haha just kidding!) to look after him throughout the course of day and night whilst I resumed my 'coveted' post as the family chauffeur- sending the younger siblings to tuition classes (it’s school holiday now), doing grocery shopping (not nearly as dandy as shopping for clothes or shoes and stuff but can be rather refreshing jugak sometimes! ;p), running some other errands… Alright, this is the cue that I’m running out of things to say. Really, I’m quite exhausted these days, physically speaking- my weak knees have been throbbing like fury especially during the cold weather. But I’m not complaining- am going to lunch by the river in an hour with my family (the occasion is long overdue in respect for my father’s dietary regime) and my brother’s getting much, much better. The sun has never looked brighter =D

“He’s the main guy and there’s probably four or five of us (just behind). Maybe we need to do just a tag-team effort or something, join forces like Power Rangers or something.”~ Andy Roddick on Roger Federer after the latter won the Cincinnati Masters and ninth title of the year.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Missing something

It’s during times like these that your mind begins to traipse through the tunnel of time- back to the good old days when life revolved almost exclusively around the determinate compound of school (and the whole lot of crazy stuff crammed inside it for some good measure). For the past four months my springy eardrums have become accustomed to my fourteen-year-old sister’s daily chronicle of life that wouldn’t practically fit into the pages of your standard History textbook, within which involved some crushing episodes of backstabbing amongst so-called friends, or an atrocious act of injustice from a teacher, or an equally catastrophic teen love-triangle saga with plots and twists that would put Mexican telenovellas to perfect shame.

Before we jump into any conclusion, let me clarify that I wasn’t that deep during her age either (as if I’m so matured now. Heh) - similar scenarios surrounded my life as a fourteen-year-old, which unexpectedly is the exact reason that made me miss school all the more… the chaotic phase of growing up. The days when you were deep-fried in the process of learning and stupid mistakes were committed all the time.

Friendships were taken very seriously and when certain unwritten laws were broken, cold war would inexorably ensue- prepare for bitter words, dagger-looks, even exchanging letters (supposedly to hunt for the roots of the problem lah). Class parties were the very representation of fun with certain line of rules and regulations willing to be crossed- though nothing that screamed tragedy- in order to establish total success. PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani) was acknowledged as the all-embracing favourite subject and any attempt by teachers to displace the session with an hour’s dose of maths or science would be railed against with vigour. And school events were celebrated with the best of spirits (although we didn't get to have full say in many things, unlike students of residential schools).

We embraced the wheel of life and its grittier details wholeheartedly. We were at times silly, but nonetheless passionate in our endeavours (whatever they were ;p). These (amongst others) were life as I knew it. And I’m missing it, sorely.

School- where all the fun is.

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love”~ Charles M. Schulz

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The blogger strikes back


I had been ambivalent vis-à-vis this sudden transfer from my Xangan blog, but the idea has actually been dawdling in my mind's eye for months on end already, so it's only appropriate that I execute the plan now rather than later, when I suspect I'll be too busy dunking myself with piles of king-sized books more than I can hope for and thus leaving this blog to resume its guise as another of my scores of wishful thinkings :)

I've been pretty drony this time around... the buoyant spirit of holidays has long evaporated- instead I'm beginning to count the days till my academic year commences. Ever the dumb optimist, my guts convinced me that this following chapter of my life will furnish a fresh and insightful experience towards my benefit and insyaallah, I will try to make the most out of everything on the cards for me. And mak and abah, please don't give me another of your standard lectures, at least not here. Thank you. Hehe.

Green and grey are not my favourite colours but somehow I find the coalescence of the colours in this layout easy on the eyes. All for the better, as I probably won't change it for another whole year. So any hate mails, send 'em now!

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"~ J.K. Rowling